You have the option of registering any domain name available. You may register more than one domain name and have them point to the same Web site and e-mail addresses.

How to choose a domain name

  • Domain names are not restricted to your geographic location so an Israeli entity may register an international domain name (ending with .com or .org) or an organization outside of Israel may register an Israeli domain (ending with or
  • You may opt to purchase the same domain name with different suffixes in order to protect yourself from competitors and to avoid confusion among your customers. You may decide to register different types of domains, having both .com and .org for example, or to register domians from different countries, having both .com and for example.
  • Some organizations choose a domain name that describes their business such as in addition to their business name. Using an intuitive domain name, you may reach an additional market and be ranked higher in search engines.
  • Avoid multiple words and hyphenation
  • Choose a name visitors will remember

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