Use this form to check the domain's availablity. If no data is found, the domain is available. If the domain is not available, this form will let you know who has registered it.


Note: You may register ANY available domain name in ANY country through Israhost after checking its availability using the above form

Note the following guidelines for available Israeli extensions:

  • CO.IL - Commercial entities, individuals. Open for worldwide registration
  • ORG.IL - Non-commercial entities, individuals. Open for worldwide registration
  • NET.IL - Israel Ministry of Communication's licensed ISPs
  • MUNI.IL - Israeli municipal entities
  • AC.IL - For Israeli academic institutions. Subject to approval by Israeli Council for Higher Education
  • GOV.IL - Israeli governmental entities. Registration done at:
  • K12.IL - Israeli schools and kindergartens
  • IDF.IL - Israeli Defense forces

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