Israhost offers a complete solution to all of your e-mail needs.
YOU get control from a friendly intuitive interface:

display of email interface at Israhost

Some features of our email accounts include:
  • Instant POP-box accounts
  • Email forwarding
  • Out-of-office replies
  • Secure mailing lists
  • Spam-Filtering
  • Anti-Virus detection and removal
  • Domain-wide control via our Web-based control panel
  • Individual users can configure their account settings using the web-based control panel

Hosting your domain with Israhost and using our email servers, will unleash power in your email that you never before knew that you had, all at the control of your fingertips.

How does it work?

  1. Purchase a domain name or point an existing domain to our server
  2. Order e-mail hosting for just $5 a month.
    If you host a Web site with Israhost, e-mail hosting is included free as part of your Hosting Package. You do not need to order it separately.
  3. Once your domain name is pointing to our server, you can receive e-mail at any address at your domain name by configuring your e-mail addresses using our Web-based control panel. See our E-mail Configuration Guide for complete instructions

We are 100% committed to ridding your mail of spam and viruses. We partner with other colleagues in order to save our customers hundreds of wasted hours a year. In order to find out more about how we put this into action on our servers, please view our Spam Configuration Guide.