Sending Out E-mail to Multiple Addresses

We offer the following hosting services for e-mail lists:
  • subdomain e-mail lists $5/month
  • virtual domain e-mail lists $10/month
  • Mailing list add-on to an e-mail account additional $5/month
    <listname@yourdomain> , 10 e-mail POP3 accounts.

  • Mailing list add-on to a virtual domain account additional $5/month
    <listname@yourdomain> , 10 e-mail POP3 accounts and Web site hosting.

All accounts include 24 hour emergency support via sms and e-mail. Phone support is available during regular Israeli office hours.

We are happy to answer any questions you have. Just give us a call at (972) 2-671-9918.

Don't send out the same message to multiple addresses using your e-mail program. The table below outlines the problems you will encounter working this way and Israhost's solution based on over a decade of experience.

Israhosts mailing lists are simple, cost-effective and efficient. Set up your list using our password-protected Web control panel. Then send your message to one address and it is distributed to all your recipients!

Israhost e-mail lists support Hebrew, graphics and HTML. They are secure and there are no advertisements.

The problems with sending out mail to multiple addresses from your computer:

The solution of hosting an e-mail list with ISRAHOST:

1) Internet providers limit the number of addresses you may send one message to (usually 30-40 addresses). If your message contains more than their limit, ISPs will not send out your message 1) Having a server-side mailing list means you send one message to one address and it is disseminated to your recipient list instantly.
2) Sending out the same message to multiple addresses takes time, resources and bandwidth from your computer, your internet connection and your ISP 2) All of the work is done by a mail server designed to process many mail messages at the same time.
3) Sending out messages to multiple addresses can be an administrative headache. It requires that you keep these addresses up-to-date. If not, you receive bounces. You also must mannually update, delete and add addresses according to requests. 3) All administration is automated:
  1. People may subscribe, unsubscribe and update their addresses through e-mail commands. If you want, list subscription may be moderated so you need to approve all changes. Administrators may add and delete addresses through a Web password-protected control panel.
  2. Bounced messages are handled automatically, after multiple consecutive bounces are received, a warning message is sent . If this message bounces as well, the offending address is automatically unsubscribed from the list.
  3. Postings to lists are secure. A confirmation message is sent to a moderator's e-mail address and only once a response is received are messages distributed to the list.
  4. Ussing the control panel, you may set up different kinds of lists - one-way (newsletters), multiple (discussion groups), where subscription and postings may be moderated or unmoderated.