What to do if you need help:

  1. Check the support FAQ
  2. If your problem is not addressed, e-mail us at or call (972) 2-671-9918

Israhost provides personal support to all our clients. When you contact us there is no time consuming escaltion process. You deal directly with first-tier techs who run the actual systems and are trainec to assist you on your level of technical knowledge. In order to maintain this level of support, we ask that you check our support FAQ before contacting us.

We are available to you during regular Israeli office hours at tel: (972) 2-671-9918 or by e-mail at .

The Internet is not perfect and while we hope that you have no need for it, we do have several methods for you to contact us beyond regular work times in case of an emergency:

  • To notify us if either your e-mail or your Web site is down, please fill in the form at http://www.smsgarden.com/isp/sms.asp and our staff will be notified immediately via sms.
  • Detailed messages describing exactly what happens and other emergencies can be sent to us off-hours at .